Dress Code & Standards

Service, safety, dress and behavioral standards


Club Officer has an enviable reputation for service, safety, dress and behavioral standards. It is a quality Club of which members can be proud.  The standard expected of members and guests is a big reason why our Club is so popular. Our rules and regulations are there to reinforce these standards and they are to be of benefit to all.

That is why we have dress regulations, to meet our members’ expectations of comfort, neatness, cleanliness, safety and appearance.  Our dress regulations are based on commonly accepted standards of dress. Because fashions are continually changing, dress requirements are interpreted in a spirit of goodwill and common sense.

The Committee of Management has directed Management to implement dress standards at their discretion.


Members and their guests are expected to be well presented, clean, neat and tidy at all times when in the Club.  (Whilst these terms may be interpreted differently by individuals, the Club Management adopts the generally held view of what the terms mean.)

The dress standards of Club Officer do not permit the following:

• Workwear that is not clean and tidy;

• Torn or dirty clothing;

• Provocative clothing and provocative slogans on clothing;

• Singlets (men only);

• Sleeveless shirts (men only);

• Hats or other headwear (women’s dress headwear and cultural; headwear excepted); * and

• Bare feet (including by children).

*  Exemption may be granted in relation to Dress Regulations under certain circumstances, including medical reasons, national dress of overseas visitors and religious beliefs.

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